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Friday, October 1, 2010

Your 3 Best Options For Profiting From PLR Products

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are another interesting way to extend the reach of your infopreneur empire. You can either offer your unique content with PLR, to allow others to label it as their own content. Or you can use other people's PLR content - to profit from it yourself.

In a sense, Private Label Rights works like syndicating content, except in this case the person using PLR content is granted permission to edit, modify, add on to and even completely claim ownership of the entire information product.

On the face of it, this appears to be destroying your potential as an infopreneur. But when you think about it deeply, it is a clever way to break into a wider market than you might manage on your own. If you are an excellent marketer but lack specialist status in a niche market, you could ensure wide visibility of your brand by aligning it with good PLR information provided by experts.

How can you profit wildly from PLR products?

1. Make them bonuses.

If you already have a core product in a niche, you may use PLR products to add perceived value to your product - by making them bonuses. This is a quick and easy way to beef up your package value, without having to do the hard work of researching and creating a bonus report.

2. Make them website content.

You can break down PLR infoproducts and use the content on your website or blog. This helps you build a website effortlessly, and grow it constantly purely by adding PLR content to the site on a regular basis.

Because the PLR content is directly relevant to the subject matter of your website and contains keywords and phrases important to people looking for information on your niche, your website is likely to get higher rankings on search engines simply by becoming an authority website on the topic.

Another way to leverage private label rights content is by including references to your own product or service within the PLR information product so that it becomes an advertising tool, and serves to raise awareness about your business or related products and services - to a wide audience.

3. Make them autoresponder messages.

One more very effective use of PLR content is to break down the infoproduct into a multi-part email sequence - and load it into an autoresponder. The autoresponder delivers each message to subscribers in sequence, constantly exposing them to quality content from your business - and in a context where you can effectively advertise related products and services to them.

You could even break up a chapter or section of the PLR product and compile it as a short special report - and then offer it as an incentive to get more subscribers to opt-in to your autoresponder sequence.
This way, by constantly providing valuable content to prospects and subscribers, with marketing messages interspersed, you build a relationship with your list and sell them more information - earning you a constant, steadily growing profit.

As an infopreneur, if you choose to give away or sell your own content with private label rights, you could include a short explanation of these 3 profit models. Knowing how to profit from PLR content would entice more buyers to take up your offer for PLR products.


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